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News on the upcoming film franchise and next-gen game(s)
Prince of Persia News

With the Sands of Time film finally in production, and a brand new next-gen game releasing Christmas 2008, the Prince of Persia franchise has suddenly been brought back to life; new and exciting things are happening with our much-beloved set of games, and here you can keep yourself updated on developments from all ends of the spectrum.

This community is designed to be both a resource and a place for discussion, since these are two brand new incarnations we're being faced with - I for one plan to be vocal about them. :)

Rules, as it were:
  1. Be a decent human being. This one should go without saying, but knowing the nature of any fandom, it bears repeating. Do unto others, and all that good stuff.

  2. Keep posts related to news and the discussion of canon. The occasional icon post won't be discouraged, but on principle, this is not a community for fanfiction and other creative endeavours - as awesome as they are.

  3. Cite sources for news posts. It's just good netiquette.

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