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Film news round-up

As you may or may not have already noticed, Disney's been (finally) doing bit of Sands of Time promotion these past couple of weeks, which has to be leading up to a trailer by the end of the month! Or sometime very soon after that. The film is now less than a year away - May 2010 appears to be the release frame.

Two new posters have been released, along with a few new images that can be found by clicking through the one above.

My first look at the posters unleashed a bit of overanalysis, for the interested.Collapse )

I think the two new images of Prince and... Tamina (I just can't stop myself from saying Farah!) are beautiful visually - that HORSE OMG! So much detail and I love the aesthetic. Still miffed at the whitewashed casting, but if the film's good enough (and Jake/Gemma play things right) I'll get over it.

What do you guys think?


New PoP film footage

Your absymal mod comes bearing an apology for her absence in the form of... new film footage!

So. The million dollar question: what do you think?

I think I'll need to hear Jake actually talk before I can really buy him as Prince, but Gemma Arterton looks lovely and understated as Farah Tamina, and they sure are throwing lots of money at the sets and costume design. Ol' Bruckheimer seems pretty excited about it. I have my reservations about how this'll turn out, but as long as the official trailer features the Dagger of Time in some way I'll be appeased for the time being. ;)

Game release! And FILM FOOTAGE. Kind of.

First of all, I'd like to apologize for being the world's worst mod: despite all the prolific happenings in the POP world, I've not been updating! I blame real life. Always my scapegoat. I plan to do a more thorough recap soon, and update the main film and game posts with new links, but. For now, all I can say is...

I'm MAD excited about the game release this Tuesday! Especially since the few reviews out so far are glowing.

Seriously, how beautiful does this thing look? All the Sands of Time love present in the buzz sure does warm my heart.

In my excitement, I decided to finally check up on film news, and: lo and behold! ET grants us FOOTAGE. Of a behind-the-scenes nature, but footage nonetheless. Featuring banter, swordfights, horses, Jerry Bruckheimer making outlandish comparisons, Mike Newell looking excited, and of course... Jake Gyllenhaal. Looking superbly nonplussed, and honestly, less ridiculous than I feared. This bodes well.

What think you?

(In those last few shots, Prince seems to be wielding very Warrior Within-like swords - and wearing a WW-esque outfit, too. Huh.)

Set pictures!

Via MovieChronicles:

Click through for more.

I love what I'm seeing so far - definitely has the color scheme of Sands of Time, and the attention to detail looks beautiful. Eeee! I'm so thrilled this movie is finally getting made...

LOTS of new in-game footage

Has anyone else seen these amazing single-player walkthrough videos over at IGN?

I just watched all three and oh my Lord. I'm almost intimidated by how utterly smooth and intuitive the gameplay looks - which, granted, has always been a staple of the series, but talk about taking it up a notch! And being able to choose your plan of attack, instead of there being one set way to navigate, is also wonderful - and scary.

I love that, as the producer was explaining, they decided to make the game really look like the concept art that has always been so lauded - instead of merely using it as inspiration. And the combat scenes look so cinematic.

I know what I want for Christmas.


Zero Punctuation

Yahtzee over at The Escapist Magazine just posted a review of all of Prince of Persia, focusing on the Sands of Time trilogy. Makes me want to replay.

First image of Jake as the Prince

Well, here we go... production's started, and thanks to CHUD et al, here is a shirtless Prince, Jake-style: looking very Warrior Within if you ask me.

Here be an eyefulCollapse )

Whaddya think? Love, hate? Indifferent? Waiting to pass judgment? Myself, I'm some combination of all of those...

E3 Prince of Persia Review/Preview

IGN has posted a fascinating new write-up of the E3 demo, complete with new screen captures and more detailed descriptions of gameplay elements. This is sounding (and looking - I still can't believe how gorgeous some of these captures are) increasingly awesome, dudes.


Gyllenhaal rides in preparation for role

JustJared have some photos up of Jake Gyllenhaal on a white horse, growing his hair out long and practicing some swordfighting. Come see!


Variety confirms it:

As we suspected, Kingsley's playing the Vizier, who's (also) been given a name (who hasn't?)...

"In the fantasy actioner, Kingsley portrays Nizam, who plots to kill his brother King Shahrman and blame it on Prince Dastan so he can take the throne."

Kingsley's always good for a villain, so I have few qualms with this casting. Hopefully he'll make it something more than one-note, though it's not like the Vizier is a very complicated character anyway. ;) What do you all think?