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Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

This title was recently trademarked by Jordan Mechner, according to Kotaku AU:

On September 29, a trademark for “Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands” was filed by Jordan Mechner. Who’s Jordan Mechner?

He’s the creator of Prince of Persia, that’s who.

As a Kotaku commenter points out, the trademark application only claims the use of the mark for games/software, so it must be a new game that Mechner is involved with.

Upon hearing this, my brain immediately went in several directions. I realize any and all speculation right now is REALLY premature, but humor me.

Because Ubisoft's already gone to the trouble of rebooting Prince of Persia with the 2008 storyline, I can't imagine that Mechner, if he were working on a new game, would be ignoring the new storyline entirely. But maybe I'm wrong.

So I will ask you guys: say Mechner is working on a brand new shiny bit of POP canon for us. Would you prefer it to be:

a) A sequel to POP 2008 that somehow ties in the Sands of Time canon, because OMG. "Forgotten Sands" could imply that the sands are ancient history at this point and our swashbuckling new Prince and Elika somehow come into contact with that history, and !!!

b) An game independent of the 2008 storyline.

c) A tie-in game to the 2010 film lulz.

If you couldn't tell, I'm rather fond of the first idea, but I still can't really decide if the collision of both canons would be cataclysmically wonderful or awful.

What say you?