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Film news round-up

As you may or may not have already noticed, Disney's been (finally) doing bit of Sands of Time promotion these past couple of weeks, which has to be leading up to a trailer by the end of the month! Or sometime very soon after that. The film is now less than a year away - May 2010 appears to be the release frame.

Two new posters have been released, along with a few new images that can be found by clicking through the one above.

My first look at the posters unleashed a bit of overanalysis, for the interested (x-posted from my personal journal @ equustel):

On first glance, the grayscale aesthetic ripped straight from the Warrior Within era would worry me, if I didn't already know that the actual film has the correct warm tones that characterized the Sands of Time game.

So my brilliant conclusion is that they're being smart and trying to merge the totally contrary styles of the first and second game, in order to prevent a disconnect should the sequel get greenlighted.

Quick rundown of the Prince of Persia game trilogy, for the helluvit: Sands of Time was critically acclaimed and adored by gamers, but didn't sell all that hot, so Ubisoft decided to go all nu-metal and "dark" for the sequel (Warrior Within) in a desperate attempt to appeal to a wider audience. It ticked off fans of the first game by seriously derailing the story and characters; Jordan Mechner (creator of our fair Prince, who is also heavily involved in the film adaptation) reportedly hated it, too. The third game, The Two Thrones, was a return to form and tried to do what it looks like this movie adaptation is already doing: merge the two completely different styles, and salvage what it could of the *facepalm*-y WW story bits.

I think the two new images of Prince and... Tamina (I just can't stop myself from saying Farah!) are beautiful visually - that HORSE OMG! So much detail and I love the aesthetic. Still miffed at the whitewashed casting, but if the film's good enough (and Jake/Gemma play things right) I'll get over it.

What do you guys think?



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May. 23rd, 2010 08:20 pm (UTC)
Is it ok if I pimp my new community here?
It's about the movie...
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